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Once register, you easily become one of the members free of charge and enjoy exclusive benefits according to membership level based on the accumulated points

Points Acquiring Channel:
  • Purchase Products
    The price of the products you purchase equals to the points you get
  • Interactions
    Valuable reviews on corresponding products sales page offer 4 points
    Valuable comments on blog offer 2 points
  • Promotions and campaigns

Membership Privileges
  • Regular membership: once register, you become the regular membership and enjoy up to 5% off
  • Silver: once the points accumulated to 200, you upgrade to silver level and enjoy up to 10% off. Besides, we give you the priority in delivery and answering your questions
  • Gold: once the points accumulated to 500, you upgrade to gold level and enjoy up to 15% off. Except for the silverlevel privileges, you also enjoy the free trial of the latest products for 30 days
  • $5 coupon will be rewarded to all members on condition that they are willing to post a positive review on the corresponding Amazon listing, prove it through screenshot and email it to our salesmen