LAVA 3 in 1

Pioneer H-Slot Tech & Advaned Heating Tech Vibrators

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Pink & Purple

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Product Description

Intimate Melody -- Finite Passion, Infinite Love !

LAVA is a 3 in 1 vibrator whose bodice can move in a seductive waving motion to reach a woman’s most erogenous zones and adopt with advanced imitated humanbody heat function techonology, satisfying every sensitive intimate part for women with ergonomically designed nd facilitates pleasure alongside elegance.

LAVA Highlights:

- H-Slot Tech. 3 in 1 package, 2 different shaped massage sticks / 1 metal silicone bullet + 1 handle, you can own THREE vibrators at once when you buy ONE LAVA.

- Heating Tech. Advanced imitated humanbody heat function technology. LAVA can offer you imitated humanbody temperature which can make you enjoy truer sexual experience, not only men can offer you exciting orgasm, but also LAVA.

- Made of body-safe, medical grade silicone. We do know safty is priority for everyone, so our products are all made with non-toxic, phthalate-free materials. You can be free to use LAVA for it is totally safe for you.

- Rechargeable and 7 modes. Li-ion battery offer you one and half hours sexual excites without pausing. There are 7 stimulatin modes/vibration intensities for LAVA, then you can enjoy different excite for changing different modes. It is strong and powerful but the it is quiet.

- Waterproof. So that you are free to play in the bath, shower, or wherever else things just may get wet.

- Easy to control interface. There are just 3 buttons on the interface. Two simulation buttons and one heating function button.

- Reliable Guarantee. We stand by the quality of our products and back them up with a 6 months gurantee.

LAVA Specifications:

MATERIALS: Body-safe silicone/ABS

DIMENSION: 210mm * 39mm



INTERFACE: Simple 3-button interface


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  • By Morgan
  • 2016-01-06

This toy has many great things about it

This toy has many great things about it! Its 3 in 1, so for the price it’s great and it is easy to change the different pieces out. It is also rechargeable, so no need to buy anything else to go with it, except some cleaner. The packaging is perfect. I received this with family visiting out of town and they had no idea, well no one had any idea. It was left on my front door and it just looked like any other package. If you are looking to order a toy this is a MUST HAVE!! Note: I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review with the intention of helping potential consumers make an informed decision.

  • By Patty
  • 2016-01-06

This Vibrator is Perfect

I absolutely love this sex toy. It is 3 toys in one It is definitely powerful, even on low The interchangeable design gives you the choice of 3 toys in one, you just change out the base It heats up It is rechargeable so no batteries required It also comes with a very nice bag for storage This comes in a very nice box, it looks high end and discrete I really like this vibrator and delinately recommend it to anyone that enjoys toys I received this at a discounted price in exchanbe for a honest and unbiased review

  • By JR
  • 2016-01-05

Party in a Box

I received a party in a box. There is one base which works with three different attachments. It seems to me, there is something here for everyone. The attachments are well shaped, and feel almost human (at least 2 if them.) The heating element takes quite a while to heat up. If you want to use it, start it up ahead of time. Delightful, rechargeable, set. It even comes with a storage/travel bag. I was lucky enough to get it at a discount, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The only thing I can think of that would make it better...multiple bases.

  • By Laurie S.
  • 2016-01-05

It is easy to charge and light in the hand

I bought this at a discounted rate in return for an honest review. Having used just the pink attachment thus far, I will not give a 5 star rating, and will update my review as my use allows. To be honest, it has been a while since I have used an adult Toy, and the control button placement is a bit too touchy and allows for change of settings - unintentionally. This issue may diminish as I get the hang of it and I may change to a five star rating after more use. It is easy to charge and light in the hand. There are 2 more options for me to try, the purple attachment and the silver bullet, and my review will reflect use of those over the next few weeks. Picture of the item as proof of purchase will be added as soon as the computer is in a more cooperative frame of mind.

  • By Kara
  • 2016-01-05

This device will make you want to sing a certain Beach Boys song.



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Frequently Q & A

Q: Is the packaging discrete?

A: We understand how important privacy is to our customers. We make it our utmost priority to ship out all orders in private and discreet standard packaging. All items shipped are enclosed in a plain unmarked packaging that would in no way disclose the contents within. We hope this has addressed your privacy concerns. You can confidently order items to be shipped out to your home, office or any other address you wish to use.

Q: I just received this product in a plain box. Is this product clean and safe?

A: We guarantee the safeness and hygiene of our products. Before we sell our products to our dear customers, we make sure that our products have passed the QC successfully. As for the plain wrapper, we think reducing the luxurious wrapper cost and heavy shipping cost is good both to us and our dear customers.
Last but not least, all toys should be cleaned before use, regardless of packaging.

Q: Is it loud when turned on?

A: Very little. But if you are sensitive about it, here is my solution: turn on the music or TV to counteract that sound. It really helps.

Q: Is it able to wash seperately?

A: We don't suggest you wash it seperately in case of the base handle water intaking.

Q: Will it show that it need to be charge?

A: Yes, if LAVA needs to be charged, the blue light of the ON/OFF button will fade away.

Q: Do these three vibes have 7 stimulation modes all?

A: Yes, once you install one of vibrator, there would be 7 stimulation modes in total.

Q: How long is it to charge LAVA?

A: Charging about 1.5-2 hours is okay. Blue and red light will flash when it is charging, and they will stay steady when it is fully charged.