Brand Story

Intimate Melody is a design-centric brand founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist. We design products and experiences to provide pleasure, strengthen connections and create provocative possibility.

Intimate Melody has redefined the context and perception of sexual well-being since launching in 2012. Combined sophisticated product development with proprietary technology, our collection encourages connection and excitement without compromising style, well-being or personal values.

Intimate Melody believes that sexuality is as intricate and individual as a fingerprint. Rather than dictate what is sexy, we imbue each product with possibility, leaving room for exploration and interpretation, and we engage each person's unique desires.

We're pleased that you're here and interested in learning something about Intimate Melody. We look forward to offering you more as we continue to do what we love and we hope we can gain your more encourage.

Provocative possibilities are endless with Intimate Melody.