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Intimate Melody -- Finite Passion, Infinite Love !

LAVA is a 3 in 1 vibrator whose bodice can move in a seductive waving motion to reach a woman’s most erogenous zones and adopt with advanced imitated humanbody heat function techonology, satisfying every sensitive intimate part for women with ergonomically designed nd facilitates pleasure alongside elegance.

LAVA Highlights:

- H-Slot Tech. 3 in 1 package, 2 different shaped massage sticks / 1 metal silicone bullet + 1 handle, you can own THREE vibrators at once when you buy ONE LAVA.

- Heating Tech. Advanced imitated humanbody heat function technology. LAVA can offer you imitated humanbody temperature which can make you enjoy truer sexual experience, not only men can offer you exciting orgasm, but also LAVA.

- Made of body-safe, medical grade silicone. We do know safty is priority for everyone, so our products are all made with non-toxic, phthalate-free materials. You can be free to use LAVA for it is totally safe for you.

- Rechargeable and 7 modes. Li-ion battery offer you one and half hours sexual excites without pausing. There are 7 stimulatin modes/vibration intensities for LAVA, then you can enjoy different excite for changing different modes. It is strong and powerful but the it is quiet.

- Waterproof. So that you are free to play in the bath, shower, or wherever else things just may get wet.

- Easy to control interface. There are just 3 buttons on the interface. Two simulation buttons and one heating function button.

- Reliable Guarantee. We stand by the quality of our products and back them up with a 6 months gurantee.

LAVA Specifications:

MATERIALS: Body-safe silicone/ABS

DIMENSION: 210mm * 39mm



INTERFACE: Simple 3-button interface



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  • By setliff
  • 2015-12-31

who ever said toys were just for kids

This Intimate Melody Personal Vibrator has it all! This is like the limo of Vibrators.
It comes with a bullet and 2 wands of your choosing. The base itself has 7 different vibration settings and intensities from steady to pulsating. It is very easy operation just hold the on/off button to get it going and then you can keep pushing that button to change through the different modes, and there is a button below the on/off button that will go back to the previous stimulation mode. To turn it off you just hold down the on/off button again.
This 3 in 1 Vibrator also includes a heat option which is totally new to me and absolutely amazing. You can hold the heat button to turn it on or off and in a few minutes you can feel the wands getting warm. and let me tell you, being a cold natured person this is the cherry on top of the ice cream.
You have 2 wands that you can also choose from, depending on what sensations you are wanting to accomplish. These are very easy to change out, just twist them at the base counter clockwise and they come right off so you can explore between all the different sensations of the 2 wands and the bullet.
This does charge up by a USB charger - which everyone probably has one laying around somewhere now days. You are suppose to charge it up when you first get it so you are sure to get a full life out of it. The lights will flash between red and blue while charging. once charged they will stay a steady glow, and then you know you are ready to go.
the bullet and wands are waterproof and very easy to clean. it comes with a storage bag to keep everything in and together.
if you are looking for a personal vibrator then this is the one stop shop, all in one and then some vibrator for you. This is an amazing vibrator that is sure to give hours of fun.

  • By Desiree Concepcion
  • 2015-12-30

I love the skin like feeling of it especially when the ...

This 3 in 1 gspot vibrator is so powerful and soft. I love the skin like feeling of it especially when the heat setting is used ,it feels just like the real thing. It comes with three attachments, one being a little egg that feels nice for a quick vibrate on the clitoris but the other two really steal the show. These two are a nice fat size and have groves along them and are really good if you want some slight penetration. The setting range from steady vibration to faster and faster and on to pulsating with intermittent vibration. It really is versatile and to top it all off the heat setting makes this toy remarkable and a must have for any woman's pleasurable needs.
I purchased this product at a percentage off in exchange for my honest unbiased review.

  • By Cori C
  • 2015-12-23

I seriously can’t say enough about the Lava 3 in 1!

I seriously can’t say enough about the Lava 3 in 1! This little toy is simply amazing. It is made from medical grade silicone and ABS plastic. This amazing toy has 3 different attachments, which almost makes this the only toy you’ll ever need. It comes with a drawstring storage bag The Egg is super powerful!! It has 7 different vibration modes and a heater function!!! The vibrator heads are easy to interchange, just make sure you twist it on all the way until you hear click. I LOVE that this unit is charged via USB, batteries are expensive little things! I was able to use this for almost an hour and a half before I had to charge it. This toy is great to use solo or with your partner. My husband loved taking control of the reins with the Egg. This powerful toy will bring you lots of pleasure, I promise!
*Very Powerful
*Interchangeable heads so you actually own 3 vibrators
*Easy switch attachments
*Long lasting Battery
*Comes with storage bag

*You can’t use all three attachments at once.

  • By kellystacy
  • 2015-12-22

Ohh lala!

I love this toy. It is awesome that it's 3 toys in one. You just take the top of the bullet off and you can put either the pink or the purple attachment on. It Has a charger chord so you don't have to deal with batteries. It comes with a bag to store them in. I'm loving the quality of them. There are 7 different vibration funtions. So depending what works for you this is great. There is even a temperature control. It took a little over an hour to charge. Odds are you will climax whether you want to or not.
I received this product for free, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review, however my opinion is my own.

  • By nitasha shank
  • 2015-12-16


I purchased this product with high hopes with good outcomes. this product comes nice and neat in a box .

the twist technology that this has is amazing. it makes it so easy to use. the worst thing for me is not being able to use it. this products buzzz is like wow!! ooomygosh! it is very very powerful. I think if it was anymore powerful the neighbor would feel it.

I was excited to hard about the warming feature but was disappointedon how long it took to at up. in the moment I do not want to be like oh wait a min. it also did not get as warm as I soul of expected it to.

over all this is a good product to own for them lonely nights. or it couples looking to have fun.

this product was purchased at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. in no way was this review altered or paid for in any way

  • By MRuth
  • 2015-12-14

Very nice quality - great options.

Very nice product. I was impressed with all of the different functions, attachments and the amazing quality of this product. It came in a very discrete package and the box itself was very nice. It will store well in the included pouch. The charger is a USB device so it's easy to charge. The three in one design is a plus since you don't have to spend the extra money on other devices. The motor is strong and there are several different speeds including some pulsing too. I highly recommend this product.

  • By Jennifer Reviewer
  • 2015-12-09

My favorite sex toy.

I want to start by saying that I am very impressed with the Lava 3 in 1. I have been using sex toys to spice up my marriage for about 5 years. Out of all the toys I have used, this is my favorite. Mainly because it has so much to offer me.

The Lava 3 in 1 by Intimate Melody comes with an egg shaped base and three attachments. The base does not work without an attachment. The attachments are a bullet and two pleasure sticks. Each attachment offers a different experience. My personal favorite is the bullet because, it packs a ton of power! Both of the massage sticks have the perfect curve for Gspot stimulation. They are also made of medical grade silicone.

As if that isn't enough already, the Lava has heating functions. When you push the bottom button on the base, a red light turns on. The attachment begins to warm up to a males body heat. Girls who are doing it alone, this is wonderful! The heat helps achieve climax.

I couldn't be happier with a product. This toy is a winner in my book! It even comes with a storage bag that holds the base, attachments and charging cable. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. The Lava is set at an unbeatable price!

  • By gc13182
  • 2015-12-08

Not For Timid Users

This is versatile in offering a three for 1 with the interchangeable attachments. They are easy to attach, and change. The Lava option that warms up the toy is a very nice option that offers a better sensation. Typical settings that you can change pulse, vibration, etc. The speed is intense though so not for timid users. The bullet has a nice long cord that leaves plenty of room for couples play. Huge plus is the USB charger. The downside is the blue and red lights that flash constantly until the device is charged giving the impression of a police raid. Very annoying. Even more annoying is that the lights stay on (not blinking when charged) until it needs a new charge. The Blue light does go out when Lava option needs charged. I couldn't tell how long that was because I had to put it in the cover immediately and put it in a drawer to hide the lights. Not something you want to purchase when trying to be discrete. It screams "Hey look here". You don't want your kid to grab it and run around using it as a light saber.

  • By Stephanie Loomis
  • 2015-12-08


OMG this is the most amazing set! I really liked the heat feature. The only thing was that it took awhile to warm up. The vibrator has seven speeds of heaven. I also love that I don't need batteries. Definitely worth every penny!

I received this product for little or no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • By GabbyM
  • 2015-12-08

3 in 1 Adult toy... Talk about stress relief!!

Intimate Melody® LAVA 3 in 1 G Spot Vibrator with Vibe Bullet for Men, Women or Couples, Rechargeable Heating Massager Powerful Stimulation Dildo, 7 Vibration Waterproof Silent Best Sex Adult. This Vibrator comes in discreet packaging so no embarrassing moments when receiving it. Inside the nice little box it comes in is a 3 in 1 vibrator, it comes with a storage bag, two attachments, one metal bullet and a USB charger. It takes a couple of hours to get a full charge and lasts almost an hour and a half when in use. The two attachments are made of Body Safe Silicone to get full sexual pleasure. You control the settings, if you want low intensity or high intensity or add heat that warms close to human body temperature , the choice is completely up to you. This Vibrator has many options for sexual pleasure, either for yourself or with a partner, this one is the one to buy! This would be an awesome Bachelorette party gift or a gift for yourself to enjoy!

I received this item for free or cheap in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The views and opinions express in this review are solely my own and have not been compromised or influenced by others...

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