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Intimate Melody -- Finite Passion, Infinite Love !

LAVA is a 3 in 1 vibrator whose bodice can move in a seductive waving motion to reach a woman’s most erogenous zones and adopt with advanced imitated humanbody heat function techonology, satisfying every sensitive intimate part for women with ergonomically designed nd facilitates pleasure alongside elegance.

LAVA Highlights:

- H-Slot Tech. 3 in 1 package, 2 different shaped massage sticks / 1 metal silicone bullet + 1 handle, you can own THREE vibrators at once when you buy ONE LAVA.

- Heating Tech. Advanced imitated humanbody heat function technology. LAVA can offer you imitated humanbody temperature which can make you enjoy truer sexual experience, not only men can offer you exciting orgasm, but also LAVA.

- Made of body-safe, medical grade silicone. We do know safty is priority for everyone, so our products are all made with non-toxic, phthalate-free materials. You can be free to use LAVA for it is totally safe for you.

- Rechargeable and 7 modes. Li-ion battery offer you one and half hours sexual excites without pausing. There are 7 stimulatin modes/vibration intensities for LAVA, then you can enjoy different excite for changing different modes. It is strong and powerful but the it is quiet.

- Waterproof. So that you are free to play in the bath, shower, or wherever else things just may get wet.

- Easy to control interface. There are just 3 buttons on the interface. Two simulation buttons and one heating function button.

- Reliable Guarantee. We stand by the quality of our products and back them up with a 6 months gurantee.

LAVA Specifications:

MATERIALS: Body-safe silicone/ABS

DIMENSION: 210mm * 39mm



INTERFACE: Simple 3-button interface



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  • By Kay Quin
  • 2015-12-01

1 controller for all 3

- Easy to use and control
- Battery holds out well

- Only one controller.

Price Value: 1- Over price 5- Great Price

Durability: 1- Horrible 5- Great

I spent quite a bit on time trying to find the bases for the pink and purple attachments and then found out that it uses the same controller as the bullet. The controller itself is made of chrome plastic which I don't really like because it is fragile but the attachments are very smooth and feels great. I have no tested the heat function of this thing and I don't think I will. It comes with a USB charger that is pretty neat but I dont think anyone would be charging it by plugging it into the computer. For me, its convenient enough for me to leave it in the car. Most importantly, the box it comes with is very stealth and doesn't give away what is inside.

DISCLAIMER: I used a coupon to purchase this item in exchange for an honest review.
If you find my review helpful please rate it as helpful. I enjoy writing reviews and sharing my thoughts about a product with others because I always read the reviews myself before I buy most items.
If you do not find my review helpful please leave a comment say why and perhaps I can relieve your concern and give you a better understanding of the product.

  • By Angel Anderson
  • 2015-11-30


This Intimate melody LAVA 3 in 1 is just amazing! This set comes with two different attachment heads, one is pink that is more of a ripple finish, the other one is purple with a total smooth finish. These two heads are made of medical grade silicone, so it is totally safe! This also comes with a chrome finished plastic egg, that has cord probably about 3 feet long, which is totally long enough! Now the Pink head is about 6 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide, the purple is about 5 1/2 inches long and a little over 1 inch thick, and the egg is about 2 inches. First thing is first, you must charge the base until it is fully charged, this will give you about an hour and a half play time.
The heads are super easy to attach, just line them up and twist and you will hear a click to know it is securely in there. This one has 7 different stimulation modes, and the best part it heats up! It is also waterproof, so you can have fun about anywhere. But before attaching them it is best to clean them like any other vibrator!
There are only 3 different buttons on the base of the vibrator. The power button - which can be also used to switch back to a previous stimulation mode, the middle button which just goes through the 7 different stimulation modes, and the last button the lava mode, just hold it down for a few seconds and it will get to heating up. The lava mode heats the device up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but it does take a few minutes to heat up . Which is just an amazing part of this toy!
Overall i have no complaints what so ever about this product, i love it, it is three different toys in just one box, and it is rechargeable, so no more wasting batteries! Oh, i also love that it comes with a small bag to keep the products in.
- This company did provide the set for free, in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. ALL opinions in this review are strictly based on my own personal experience with this product.

  • By K. April Holgate
  • 2015-11-27

Totally love this!!! Yes for personal play time!

Well, this is a fun bit of naughty!! I kind of love this little toy.

The three separate attachments are fabulous. I am a big fan of the girth on the purple piece. The pink is a great angle for g-spot stimulation.

The egg is interesting, but not as enjoyable as the other two pieces. I would like it better if it could be used at the same time as one of the other pieces, Unfortunately, it is powered by the same source as the other attachments.

One of my favorite things here is that it is chargeable by USB. I am a huge fan of that, no more using all those batteries.

The vibrations are plenty strong and the modes are stimulating patterns. I did not get a whole lot from the heat function, just not key to my experience. Buttons are easy to use and I had no trouble using it solo.

This is definitely one for the top drawer of my night stand. I am really digging this, it hits almost all my happy spots. The only thing that would make this better for me is to add an attachment that has clit stimulation as well.

When changing attachments be sure to click it all the way in place, You will feel two clicks to lock it, the power supply will not work if it doesn't lock in place. The charge lasted for a week of use, which was more than respectable. I am sure it would have lasted longer if I had not accidentally left it on when I put it away.

Video review to be added later

Disclosure - I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own. I was under no obligation to post a review or give positive feedback.

  • By Sparjenn
  • 2015-11-26

Intimate Melody LAVA 3 in 1 G Spot Vibrator. Really Great Quality, Lots of Power and Options. Rechar

This is the Intimate Melody LAVA 3 in 1 G Spot Vibrator. I have to say this is an entirely different class of sex toy, it is the highest quality that I have ever had the pleasure of trying. It is only 3 toys in 1, it has a rechargable base unit with 3 choices of vibrators. There is a pink one and a purple on, with different shapes and then there is a bullet.

One of the most unique features is that this unit has the option to heat as well. It will warm to 100.4 degrees, which I like very much. It really makes the unit feel more comortable and pleasurable. This unit, honestly is the best toy I have ever tried. The materials used are medical grade silicone and are completely safe. The unit is also waterproof it can be used safely in the shower too.

There are 7 vibration modes and I can say there is a lot of power here, strong vibration, many options to choose from. I received this product for free during the special promotion in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • By DianeScraps
  • 2015-11-24

Amazing unit - really three units in one!

The options of this vibrator set go well beyond any other set that I have seen or tried. Starting with the bullet, it is a very nice sized and very powerful bullet, the 7 vibration modes allow for the user to select the mode that suits them and change modes easily too. It is easy to switch out the bullet to either of the other two attachments, they twist, click right onto the base. The 7 vibration modes are also available for all attachments! The feel of the silicone is very smooth and when you add the heat you are taking the experience to another level!

The fact that this vibrator is rechargeable makes a lot of sense, no need to order more batteries, just plug in, with the included USB cord, and charge and you are ready to go.

This unit is truly like getting three vibrators at once AND not having to stock up on batteries. I highly recommend this Intimate Melody LAVA 3 in 1 G Spot Vibrator!

I did receive a free sample of this device, for my review. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

  • By H. Diamond
  • 2015-11-22

WOW!!! What a powerful stress reliever!!! Ahhhmazing!!!

What is there not to love about Intimate Melody LAVA 3 in 1? First great feature: It is rechargeable (seriously this is a great bonus) 2nd the ease of switching parts. 3rd it is very powerful. 4th and most importantly this does not take very long to get the job done! What an excellent stress reliever!!

The charge time on this toy is pretty fast. In about 2 hours, you are ready to go. I am honestly not sure how long the charge holds. It definitely lasts long enough for sheer pleasure during use. The motor is extremely powerful. There are many different intensity levels, as well as a heat setting. The heat is ahhmazing with the bullet attachment.
Should you need lube use water based only, anything else will not be good with this toy, it will destroy it. Changing the parts is simple, twist and pull, and then slip on the new one that you want to use.
I have had the ultimate pleasure of testing this free of charge in exchange for my honest unbiased review. I do not give 5 stars unless I feel it really truly deserves this.

  • By Linda Perry
  • 2015-11-22

So much fun!

This hit so many different spots that I just can't quite describe it and remain Pg about it! The vibration is strong and the different angles that each of these seemingly separate toys hit is amazing. I couldn't ever get it to heat up though and I am not sure if that is me or the product, so I can't take off anything from the amazement of this toy because of it. You can do many different things with this, alone or with your partner. I am really glad to have added this durable toy to my toy chest. It doesn't take long to charge and it stays charged for a good bit on one charge. It is in my two favorite colors which just adds to my enjoyment. This is an awesome toy. I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • By Samantha S.
  • 2015-11-22

Tops any other toy i have ! And i have, well let's just say.... A LOT of 'toys' !

I am a huge fan of sex toys and it is truly hard for me to be impressed with a sex toy. But, this one did just that & more. It is a 3 in 1. So you have so many different ones to use so you're not easily bored with it. There are 2 vibrators. One pink & one purple. Each made of a very soft, smooth silicone. They each measure just a tad under 6" when not attached to the handle. There is also a nice metal bullet that is about 2.5" in length which is perfect. The bullet has a really long cord on it. I've had other bullets and none had a long cord like this does. There is one handle that all 3 toys fit onto. It is ergonomically shaped to fit perfect and comfortably into the hand and it measures right at 3" long. It has a very simple interface with only 3 buttons & around the buttons when it is on it lights up. Two of which buttons control the vibration modes and one controls the heat function. That's another thing... This has HEAT ! I have never had any sex toys with a heat function so that is another thing that truly intrigued me about these. Now they don't get so hot it'll burn you. The heat function is to feel like the natural body temperature. So it is a more natural heat. Also included is a USB cable. It is rechargeable. So no more batteries which is a huge plus for me. Because my son goes through enough batteries in his toy trains & cars. So we don't need mommy needing batteries for her 'toys' as well ! It lasts a very long time on a single charge too. So you can enjoy hours of play time before having to charge it.

There is 7 different vibration modes. I will say these are very strong vibrators. They don't have weak vibrations like many toys seem to have these days ! I figured it would be loud with such strong vibrations but it is actually quieter than any other toys i have. So you can discreetly use it and no one in the other room would even know. They can also be used in water since they are in fact 100% waterproof. Most say they are waterproof but tell tell you not to submerge in water. With these i had them in the tub, submerged into the water and didn't have not one problem. So when they say waterproof they mean it. The design of the pink and purple vibrators differ from each other. They both have nice curves though that fit inside the body perfectly. And each are beyond great at reaching the G-spot since they curve up. So it is very easy to climax using these. And may be a little TMI but it is very hard for me to climax using sex toys. And i will say that i had no problem getting there with all 3 of these and quickly i might add ! Which has never happened for me before. The tips of each are thicker than the actual shaft which i like. It makes them even more pleasurable.

Each of the 3 are very easy to attach to the handle. You simply twist them on there. So you'll set the base on the handle and twist twice and you will hear it click with each twist. If you go to turn it on after attaching one to the handle and it doesn't turn on then that just means you didn't attach it all the way. So give it another twist and it'll turn on. And don't just press the power button. Hold it down for like two seconds for it to come on. When each vibrator is attached to the handle from the tip of the vibrator to the very bottom of the handle it measures 8.26". But, keep in mind that won't be the ibsertable length as you do not want to insert the handle inside of you. The insertable length is just a tad under 6" (which is the length of each vibrator by themselves). To me the length and girth of them are the perfect size. Overall i am truly impressed with this 3 in 1 set. I thought some of the sex toys i had we're great but i can say with certainty that this one takes the cake. It tops all of my other ones. So this is a nice addition to my large collection of 'toys'. And has been the most used one out of my collection since i got it & i see it remaining the most used one out of my collection !

I received this free during a promotional period in exchange for an honest review. Whether good or bad. All opinions stated above are my very own personal, honest opinions of this 3 in 1 set.

  • By Yarncraft
  • 2015-11-21

Things will get hot in more way than one, powerful 3-in-1 vibe

The interchangeable design is genius! I love having the choice of three different toys while only having to charge one base, you can change out the top in seconds with just a twist. All the pieces are great quality with a good weight and hand feel, this is not a lightweight cheap feeling toy.

This is definitely a powerful vibe, even on low the Lava has some serious buzz. You can see in my video that it'd bounce right off the table if I let it.

This is my first time using a vibrator with a heat function and WOW! Takes things to a new level for sure. I will say it takes a while to heat up, maybe 5 minutes to start getting pretty warm with top heat closer to 10 minutes. You can let it warm up before hand or have it warm up during play. As your playtime heats up so does the Lava. Do keep in mind that the heat function doesn't work in bullet mode but it works great with the other two tops with the heat most intense on the underneath side and tip.

The controls are easy to use with 3 speeds and few pulse settings. I will say you need to press and hold the center button a few seconds for on/off, takes a bit of getting used to but it also means you won't accidentally turn it off right the wrong time.

Great way to add 3 powerful, high quality toys to the toy box at once.

  • By Christine Luna
  • 2015-11-20

Amazing Vibrator with so many possibilities!!!

Let me just say this is by far the best vibrator I own now and I have a ton! The Lava 3 in 1 has so many options for pleasure. I was amazing when it arrived and how well packaged it looked. It comes in a nice box along with a pouch for safe keeping in a drawer with a egg, pink and purple vibrator. Each one has it's own function. This is the very first one I have owned that actually gets warm. At this point I have used them all and can say each one is absolutely amazing.

I find the egg is great while in the act with my hubby to provide a little extra stimulation for me. The pink and purple attachments are perfect for alone play or even foreplay. The hubby and I are always looking for new things to try in the bedroom. This is one item I will continue to praise and recommend. It's rechargeable so no wasting money on batteries anymore and it can be ready to use at anytime. It holds a charge for a long time even on the highest vibration and heat. There are 7 different vibration functions.

In order for this to get really warm I recommend turning it on for about 10 to 15 minutes for the perfect temperature. The pink and purple are made of a silicone type of material and are very soft so no issues with insertion. Before use I plugged mine in for about 2 hours and it was completely charges and ready to go. Regardless of the attachment you choose it's simple to clean. I prefer toy cleaner but even warm water and mild soap would do the job. It's easy to put on the attachments and remove. When placing it you will hear a click letting you know it's secured and ready to go.

I was provided a sample for free to test and evaluate. All reviews are my own unbiased opinion on the product.

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