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Magic Mini Massager designed with 7 different stimulation modes and 3 different vibration frequencies which can satisfy every part with ergonomically designed bendable function alongside art elegance. 

- Made of body-safe, medical grade silicone. We do know safety is priority for everyone, so our products are all made with non-toxic materials. You can be free to use for it is totally safe. 
- 7 Stimulation Modes and 3 Vibration Frequencies. You can enjoy different feeling for changing different modes. It is strong and powerful but very quiet. The maximum sound level is under 60 db. 
- More Flexible and Slender. You can twist it forwards, backwards at your willingness which can greatly release pressure.
-Lithium-ion rechargeable and one hour duration. Lithium-ion charge will be more Eco-friendly and safe. 
-- Waterproof. You can be free to use in the bath, shower, or wherever else things just may get wet. 
- Easy to control interface. There are just 3 buttons on the interface. 
- Reliable Guarantee. We stand by the quality of our products and back them up with 6 months of guarantee. 

MAGE Specifications: 
MATERIALS: Body-safe silicone/Eco-friendly ABS 
DIMENSION: 165*24*15 mm 
BATTERY: 100 MAH Li-ion Battery 3.7 V 
CHARGING TIME: 1 h at 5 V 700 ml Ah 
DURATION: 1 hour 
MAX NOISE LEVEL: under 40 dB 
WATERPROOF: 100% Waterproof 
WEIGHT: 45 g


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