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About Intimate Melody® Femme Bead Kegel Balls
Every woman can benefit from strengthening her Kegel muscles. For those who have given birth or are advancing in age, it’s especially important. 

Numerous medical and gynecological trials and studies have found pelvic floor/Kegel exercises to preserve or improve urinary, pelvic, and feminine health.

Our Kegel exerciser comes with two balls. Beginners can use one ball initially, while more advanced users can utilize both simultaneously.

Created for You
The Intimate Melody Femme Beads are made with you in mind, with a comfortable design and safe, eco-friendly materials. Non-porous and easy to clean.

Warranty: 6 months/unconditional. Contact us for additional support if needed.

Note: Always consult a physician before beginning this or any exercise regimen.

To Use:
1. Ensure that you can activate your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. This is the muscle utilized when you wish to stop urinating. If you are not working your PC muscle, Kegel exercises will not be effective.
2. Gently insert the exercise ball while sitting and practice moving or holding it with your PC muscle. Perform sets of about 10 reps a few times per day to build up strength.

3. As you get stronger, you can increase the challenge by exercising in a standing and finally a squatting position. By finding tougher positions, there is no need to manage a bunch of various-sized balls.

About Intimate Melody®
Whether you’re making music with others or going for an extended solo, Intimate Melody has the perfect instrument for you. Our products are carefully designed for ultimate comfort and superior functionality, and are always delivered with the utmost discretion. Find a unique rhythm with Intimate Melody.


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