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  • Rose, Mage Mini


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Oh Oh, It’s Magic


About the Intimate Melody® Mage

Everyone is different, so why should everyone use a massager with a single, rigid shape? The Intimate Melody Mage is ultra-soft and can be folded, bent, and twisted into almost any shape you desire. It also features six modes of vibration. One of the most unique massagers available, the Mage is guaranteed to cast a spell that you won’t soon forget.


Magical Design

The Mage was created to be versatile and user-centric. A special design allows it to be bent and folded into various forms, and to hold its shape.



Six massage modes. The First mode has 3 varying-strength vibrations. Created for You

The Intimate Melody Mage is made with you in mind, featuring six different modes, medical-grade, non-toxic silicone, and waterproof construction.


Dimensions: About 7.1”x1.1” (LxW)

Sound level: <40dB

Usage time: 1 hours

Charging Time: 1 h at 5V; 700mAh

Material: Eco-friendly ABS and medical-grade silicone (sleeve)

Warranty: 6 months/unconditional. Contact us for additional support if needed.


Package includes:

1x Mage massager

1x USB charging cable

1x user manual

1x satin pouch


About Intimate Melody®

Whether you’re making music with others or going for an extended solo, Intimate Melody has the perfect instrument for you. Our products are carefully designed for ultimate comfort and superior functionality, and are always delivered with the utmost discretion. Find a unique rhythm with Intimate Melody.



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